I started this blog six months ago to explore and document my love for cooking, hosting, and gardening.  Through the process of sharing the food that I love and the things I’ve learned, I discovered people who love food as well.  I am amazed how a home cooked meal or warm environment draw us close together.  I’ve shared many a meal with my community in Southern California and I hope through this blog to grow that community as we share the things we love.

The name One Domestic Goddess came about through a conversation with some good friends of mine who have been married for nearly 30 years.  I had just returned from a brunch at my friend’s art studio and was describing the egg strata that I had shared.  My friends were amazed by my creativity though I think they were just flattering me.  The husband, possibly not knowing how to compliment me, called me a domestic goddess.  The name stuck and I knew that I had to start a blog.

My profession is an engineer, though I like to say that I’m a building designer, like the master craftsman of old.  I’m discovering what I truly love, or I guess I’m trying to tap into the inner me.  I’m learning that no career is streamlined and there is always a reason and use for everything that we’ve experienced.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi, We were nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. As a condition we were asked to nominate another 15 blogs that we really enjoy. Your blog is one of them! If you want to accept this nomination- the conditions are on our blog. Fiona and Mem

  2. Tim Adams said:

    Attended the six month celebration of “One Domestic Goddess” last night. The food and service were GREAT! My wife and I can’t wait for the next “Dinner on the Courtyard”!

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