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I don’t know how to start off.

I don’t know how or even if I do want to use my blog as my personal branding.

Though I want my blog.

One Domestic Goddess

Previously I focused much on the domestic aspect, building up my repertoire of recipes and learning how to be a host.  I wanted to discover and recreate the tender side of me that had laid dormant for some time.  I wanted to be known as more than an engineer, as a beautiful and strong woman…and one that can cook.

Well, now I want to be the Goddess.  No, not as one that is worshiped, but one that is strong and leads people into battle.  Do goddesses get to do that?  I sure hope so!

So, where am I going if not into battle?

I am currently and I hope for years to come pouring my energy and life into a youth culinary training program in central Long Beach.  My program partner and I have already been “doing it” for more than a year with a hugely successful program and restaurant event in conducted in May.  We are forging ahead, building our vision and our capacity for the future.

I want to share a few pictures here, but if this is something that resonates in you please let me know and I will share more with you.

Our program culminated in a neighborhood dining experience, so many of the photos are from the dining event.  I chose not to use any identifiable photos here, but just wanted to give a glimpse into my life work currently.




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2 First Looks_3

2 First Looks_4

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2 First Looks_9

11 Food

13 Eating_4