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I have followed many bloggers in the last two years and I’ve noted the ebbs and flows of their blog and their struggle to: find time for blogging in their schedule, manage blogging with their work and personal life, and understand why they are blogging just to name a few.  I suppose all bloggers go through similar struggles, regardless of their stats and success, just as most of us are bound to get the common cold at least once a year.

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So to confess and apologize for those of you out their who do CARE about my blog (though many are friends), I really don’t know why I’m blogging right now.  I do see the benefit as a platform to share my culinary journey with friends and family, but I don’t see how it ultimately fits into my career goals and need like all of us to MAKE MONEY.  I think I am struggling not because blogging doesn’t work (by whatever standards I would hold it up to), but because the primary method that I enjoy and desire to connect is through personal connections.  I understand and appreciate social media and one day I suppose I will be on twitter, but for now I feel the need to concentrate my efforts “on the ground.”

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So, what culinary treat do I have to share, some of you ask?  I LOVE dates, so much so that I have a date guy at my farmers market.  Now the trouble is that I only use dates once every few months, usually for something sweet, and my date guy is only at the market from September until March.  I know this sounds strange, and though I don’t fully understand the seasonality of our produce system, my favorite dates from Bautista Family Organic Date Ranch are harvested in August and September and sell out in the spring.  I know that you CAN get dates year round (cold storage), just as you can most produce, but these delicious, sweet, juicy organic dates are no longer available! 😦


I have been desiring to make these Double Chocolate Fudge Energy Bars from Honey & Figs for months now!  They are delicious and packed with good stuff.  I followed the recipe pretty closely, except used date water instead of milk, added 1 Tbs agave nectar and didn’t grind the hazelnuts.  They turned out a little gooey for my liking, so I ended up baking them at 350 for 20 minutes.  Of course the chocolate melted, but this was easier to share.  Unfortunately you can’t taste the crisp of the rice cereal once baked though. 😦

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