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For the last year I’ve talked about throwing a Tapas Taster night and last weekend, also the anniversary of my blog, I finally threw the party.  More on that later.

First, I wanted to share a project that I’ve poured much energy into over the last month.  When creating my Evite invitation, I read about this Benevolent Wine Tasting Party for party ideas.  I loved the use of chalk and chalkboard material, especially the way the wine was displayed.

Just days later I was out walking and saw a table leaf being thrown out. Immediately I envisioned it as my wine display for my party, using chalkboard paint.  After looking online, sharing with a friend, and going to Home Depot, I purchased paints and went to work on the project.

Tapas Display Paintbrush

Though it’s not typical for my blog, I wanted to share the process with my readers.  I hope you enjoy and find inspiration!

My idea was to use the back side of the table leaf for the display.  The top side of the table leaf was not in good condition and upon closer examination I found that the leaf was made of pressed wood with a veneer finish.

Table Leaf Unsanded Paintbrush

I decided to paint the interior red and the bottom a slate blue.

My friend recommended that I sand it down real well to get past the veneer finish so that the paint would adhere.  This turned out to be a much bigger task than I first anticipated!

Full Table Leaf Sanded Paintbrush

As you can see, I got ahead of myself and painted the interior before the leaf was fully sanded.

Table Leaf Sanded Paintbrush 4

Ironically, I loved the look of it after sanding and part of me didn’t want to change it, but I knew that I had to see my vision realized.  At a later point I may find more freedom to adjust the vision as I go, but at this point it seemed more important to finish the project.


The trickiest part about painting was applying the painters tape.  The edge sanded down very smooth and round, so I chose to paint the chalkboard paint over the edge.  Since the tape was on a curved surface, it didn’t adhere as well as when it was on a flat surface, therefore the paints tended to run into each other.


Table Leaf Red & Slate Blue Paintbrush

Before using it again, I may touch it up and make the lines cleaner but it will depend on whether I find it useful for parties or an annoyance to store.
Since the particle board was rough and the paintbrush I used wasn’t the highest quality, the finish isn’t very smooth, making it hard to clean up.

IMG_5998 - Copy

Table Leaf Finished Paintbrush