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I will try and make this brief.

Why?  Because I have a Case of the Mondays.  Though I don’t work for a big corporate company like Initech in Office Space, I still have a hard time getting going on Mondays; despite the fact that I have some really cool projects to work on.

Speaking of big corporate companies and company downsizing in the internet age, have you seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty? It is a beautiful film of breathtaking cinematography with themes of courage, honor, love and life time devotion.  It made me want to be just 10 years older (that is born 10 years earlier) where print media and film photography were at their peak.  Though reviewers may be critical of the sometimes stretched Ben Stiller humor, I absolutely loved it and was very moved.  I hope you will see it and let me know how it moved you.

I found these red curry chicken kebabs in my Food & Wine cookbook and I just had to try them because of the intense spice of red curry and refreshing sweetness of a mint sauce.  I picked up delicious mint and juicy key limes from my local farmer’s market.

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Food & Wine describes them “as addictive as Buffalo wings,” and though on the grill they may absorb more of the red curry spice, baked (what I consider the best option for winter) they don’t maintain as much of the red curry intensity.

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I followed the recipe, here, with the exception of making an additional half batch of marinade to brush on the chicken halfway, doubling the honey, lime juice and mint, and baking the chicken at 400º F for 10 minutes then 350º F for 5 minutes.  The chicken (vegetarian fed) was tender and the minty yogurt sauce was a nice balance.  If I made the sauce again, I would decrease the mayonnaise and add Serrano pepper and garlic.

Food & Wine recommends that you pair it with an Off-dry Riesling.  I paired it with a Ulrich Langguth 2012 Riesling from Trader Joe’s.

Note: This sounds much like a review of the Food & Wine recipe.  That was not my intention.  I was following the recipe to test out some tapas and I naturally look for ways that I can adjust it for my tastes.