I don’t usually write posts on popular culture or news breaking activity, but today the recent Sriracha shortage affected me directly!  I shopped at my favorite Asian Market, 99 Ranch and they were out of all Huy Fong Foods products.  I was shocked though I remembered the rumors that a plant in Irwindale was shut down last year due to odor complaints.  I ended up finding it down the street at H Mart, apparently an upscale Asian Market, and purchased enough for six months.

Sriracha shortage 99 Ranch

Empty shelves of Sriracha at 99 Ranch Market

Sriracha at H Mart

Lots of Sriracha at H Mart!

It’s amazing how a condiment can become so popular that when one manufacturer shuts down, the entire market is thrown off!  Ironically, this seems to be good for recipe and social media sites like Food 52 and Pinterest because it encourages those of us who love to experiment in the kitchen to try our own recipes.

Have you been affected by the shortage of our favorite “rooster” sauces?

What recipes have you found to make your own?

I would love to hear from you.