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I baked this Brown-Butter Apple Pie for Thanksgiving at my parents house and the holidays seem like the perfect time to share it.  Hopefully now that our shopping is done, we have the opportunity to slow down and enjoy our loved ones.  I will be cleaning, volunteering at my church, and looking for an appetizer to share for Christmas.

What will you be doing to prepare for the holidays?


It’s amazing the techniques that may be completely new but will feel like you’ve always known them.  I will be following a recipe and be overcome by a sensation that I’ve done this before.  Like riding a bike, so many baking techniques feel like muscle memory so that when performed my body just knows what to do.  This was the case with making this butter crust.  I guess this is why baking makes so much sense to me.

Have you ever had a similar experience?

My mom has a Tupperware mat with a slick surface that has rings with various dimensions.  This helped a lot in rolling the dough to the correct size.  She was kind enough to let me take the mat home since she doesn’t bake often.  If will make rolling dough so much easier!

The Double-Crust Pie Dough called for distilled white vinegar to be mixed with the egg and ice water.  The vinegar seemed to really help keep the dough in tact when rolling.  I added a little additional ice water to make sure that the dough was a bit tacky.

I found browning the butter to be a bit tricky.  By time the butter was fragrant, I felt that I had burned it.  I threw away the first batch, but on the second I found that the “burned” particles tended to settle when cooled.  I cooled the browned butter in a mug and discarded the particles that stuck to the cup.  I didn’t see any adverse affects from overcooking the butter.