You know that feeling when you’ve lost weight or it’s in between seasons and you don’t want to wear anything in your closet but you’re not ready to buy something new yet.  You find yourself looking at the same clothes day after day and finding nothing to wear, so you either purchase one new item or go to the back of your closet for something old that feels like new.  Just that one new item refreshes your entire wardrobe and gives you so many possibilities.  All of a sudden you’re excited to go out and show off something that your friends haven’t seen.

I’m in that stage with my blog.

For some time now I haven’t been excited about the look.  I understand that I can make small changes to make it look better, but that wouldn’t be enough to propel me into it’s next phase.  I don’t know what that phase is, but some things I hope to do are:

  • Define my voice and narrow in on what One Domestic Goddess is about
  • Continue to explore my connection with food and how food connects me with others
  • Work towards a look and feel that is consistent with who I am and where my blog is heading
  • Modify my about page and explore various ways to create posts
  • Share community events that I’m involved in
  • Tap into what my readers are interested in and see what I have to offer

I will continue to write posts during this time, but don’t be surprised if the blog looks unfamiliar.  The name will remain the same but I will be exploring the tagline.  I hope within a short period of time to land on a look I like and then make small tweaks over time to improve it.

Thanks for your patience!!