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Happy Easter.  Whether you celebrate Easter as a religious holiday or a celebration of family, Easter is about new life and transformation. Look outside and you’ll see that change is in the air.  Surprisingly, spring comes on very gradually here in Los Angeles but you can see the changes.  The days are longer, spring vegetables are ready to plant, and we are enjoying the warm air.


My first memory of Easter is from when I was maybe 4 years old.  The small town I lived in sponsored an Easter egg hunt in which there was a sand pile full of money.  From my age group, I pulled out the most money that day.  Maybe 50 dollars??  I don’t even know if this is a real memory or a memory that I’ve created from stories, but it came to me this morning.

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It reminded me that I am out for the treasure.  I’ve called myself a perfectionist, but really I don’t have the attention to detail.  What I love is seeing a transformation; realizing a final product that you will only get if you follow a process.  Now, that process may be pre-defined or you might create it along the way, but regardless a transformation requires a vision of the end product.  Thank goodness for Youtube videos and photographs!


These carrot cake cake pops are about creating a beautiful finished product to put on display; maybe for a birthday party, bridal shower, or wedding.  And given the cake mixed with frosting, covered with candy coating; they are bound to taste good!

The queen of cake pops is Bakerella and it has been so much fun to get ideas and gain tools.  Look at her website for complete instructions and tools.  I’ll just share some basic steps.

  1. Bake the cake.  I used this Martha Stewart recipe and substituted all purpose gluten free flour.  It looked so beautiful that I couldn’t resist, even though I knew I would tear it up.  I am far from understanding how to use gluten free flour so that it tastes like white flour.  I am open to learning easy tips!
  2. Make the frosting (purchase the products for an entire cake, but only make half the frosting).  I made this Honey Cream Cheese Frosting from a fellow blogger, Honey & Jam.
  3. This is the fun part!  Remember all the times that your cake didn’t turn out right and you covered it up with frosting?  This time all the cake goes into a large bowl.  Yep, just dump it in!  Crumble the cake completely and add part of the frosting.  Mix the cake and frosting, gradually adding more frosting until the crumbs start to resemble cookie dough and it binds when you squeeze it with your fist.
  4. Roll the dough into balls.  Follow these steps from Bakerella for basic cake pops and these steps for cake balls.  I purchased vanilla candy melts and sprinkled on pecans pieces.  You can use a candy food dye to add fun colors or candy sprinkle for some flair.  Purchase candy melts at a party stores or local cake shop.
  5. Prepare a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper.  Once you melt the candy coating, you will need to move fast.  Be sure and use the correct bowl.  I used a very round bowl so that I could dip and then scoop out the cake ball.  Tap off extra coating.
  6. After laying the cake ball on the parchment paper, quickly draw a line around the ball with a tooth pick.  Then add sprinkles or pecans.  Remember, they dry super quick!

I put these together as a fun birthday cake, though you could explore better ways to present them.  I made an E with the colored cake balls to add some pop and celebrate my friend’s birthday party.


And here is a preview of the chickies in case you are in suspense.  Since spring is in the air, they would make a fun gift or party treat.  My roommate made these since she has the gift of attention to detail.  But, I made the cake!