For the last month I’ve been watching MasterChef Season 3 on Hulu and I have been completely amazed by these home “chefs”.  When I first started watching the show, I thought “I could do better” but as the season went on I saw just how difficult the challenges were.  The contestants usually have 60 minutes to plan and execute a dish for the chefs to judge.


Although the dishes are often simple, the process rarely is.  I realized while watching this that I rarely plan and execute a dish in 60 minutes, ok I’ve never planned and executed a dish in 60 minutes!

Another challenge is that many of the eliminations involve making multiples of one common item that can be prepared in different ways.  Each must be prepared to a culinary standard.  This is really making me think.  For example, though I’ve made pizza dough from scratch I wouldn’t begin to know how to prepare it without a recipe.


I prepared this sambal to mix with ahi tuna, green onions, soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds.  Though sambal is popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, most Asian food that I prepare is a fusion.

I would like everything I post to be perfect, but this blog is a work in progress just like my culinary skills.  The recipe called for the chile, spices, and vinegar to be mixed with sugar over medium heat until the mixture turns pulpy.  The sugar actually caramelized, turning my sambal into a toffee consistancy.


A lesson in Chemistry?  Perhaps?

I really look forward to Season 4 to learn more trade secrets of the culinary world.