In doesn’t rain often in Los Angeles, but we love rain like children love a snow storm.  Where as children go out and play in the snow, we stay in to enjoy the comfort of our homes while the rain pours outside.


My neighbors laid these rain boots out by the sidewalk in case a family was in need of some well loved rain boots or just to dry them out.  I am really not sure, but I found them very intriguing and couldn’t help but take a picture.  These neighbors are actually friends of mine and I know they would want their used rain boots to go to a good home.


In the coming months I will be expanding my blog to include lifestyle photography.  In the days of film photography, I didn’t want to lug my camera with me everywhere and then pay high prices for the processing.  Therefore I saved my film for special events like weddings and graduations.  In the digital age I am able to see what I’ve captured right away and quickly get an idea if the shot will be meaningful.


I hope you enjoy.  I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and feedback.