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Winter came late.  While most of the country was experiencing unbearable temperatures in December, Winter didn’t come to Los Angeles until January.  We’ve gone through two cold weeks with lows in the 30s (I know, terrible hah?) and some days the high falling short of 60.  While to many of you this sounds like paradise, to us here it can be terrible.  I noticed that the colder, drier days feel much more warm than the wet, warmer days.  The wet air sets in your bones like a virus that takes over your entire system.



The cold weather drew me indoors and to baking.  The oven heat warmed my insides and the homemade goodies smell spread throughout our home.  I spotted these delightful espresso muffins months ago at Sprouted Kitchen and I’ve been hankering to bake them ever since.  The idea of espresso within a breakfast item is genius!  I can’t say though that I would cut back on my morning coffee any. 🙂




Somehow the onset of Winter also set me to thinking about what I want from this coming (though already here) year.  I don’t usually set resolutions since for me they are ultimately areas I want to change but find very challenging.  Instead of setting resolutions, I am trying to create new habits and change my posture within areas of my health and faith.  I am finding that I am much more successful than I thought I would be, mostly because I have created a new routine and got my body (and mind) out of the rut it was in.


Check out the recipe here.

What I like best about these muffins is the streusel topping.  Use organic brown sugar if possible and the topping will be irresistible.  I used whole wheat all purpose flour instead of spelt flour.  Whole wheat all purpose flour is great in breads, but sometimes can turn out too heavy.  I haven’t experimented with gluten free flours yet, but I think I will soon.  I opted for coconut oil in place of butter.  Coconut oil is very chunky and doesn’t have the same characteristics as butter.  I think next time I will use coconut milk instead, like I did in these carrot-apple bran muffins, which is much creamier.  I had to add extra apple sauce, but I think coconut milk in place of the oil would do the trick.  Go ahead and add a little extra espresso and chocolate chips (or chunks).  You know you want to!  Is it possible to have too much chocolate? 🙂