This one is a mouthful but it tastes oh so delicious   I am preparing for a restaurant themed dinner party, so I am scouting for recipes and ideas on what to serve.  Everything at the dinner party will be something I’ve featured on my blog, so I have to keep looking and cooking!  When you’re considering what other people may like or what may be a menu item at a restaurant, it gets you thinking and testing new recipes.

This recipe is from Food Network and it’s a keeper!  I used pale dry sherry instead of sherry vinegar.  The sherry is mildly sweet with aromas of toasted almond and yeast, so I thought it would be a great compliment to this dish.

My friends are very supportive of my blog and dinner party, especially when I share one of my creations with them.  During Happy Hour I am often the one with a critique, but most of the time I am devouring what is laid before us.

Today at Happy Hour my friend Nathan asked what is the one thing that would surprise us about each other.  Now that we are in our 30s, we’re in a stage of life where friendships are very valuable and the true test of a friendship is how well you know each other.

The irony about surprises us is that they are the things that define us as a person.  We are always changing as people and a true friend will ride out the ebbs and flows.  Apparently what would surprise my friend Nathan is if I took up tai chi.  This was a funny image and not something I imagine taking up any time soon!

This Manchego Cheese is the perfect appetizer to start a night.  It smells amazing, so your tastebuds don’t have to do the work.  The cheese is smooth and the almonds and breading add just the right texture.    It is one of those appetizers that is best enjoyed with close friends!