A very good friend of mine is moving, in fact a very good friend of mine and her husband are moving.  I realized tonight when we met up for the last time in a while that since I moved to Cali four years ago, these are the first friends to move away; or atleast good friends to move away.  People just have a really hard time leaving California; what can I say?  For example; this is the longest I’ve lived anywhere since I was a child.

I realized tonight that moving is a good thing.  Ok. Moving sucks when you are the one moving, but when a friend is moving across the country it causes you to stop and consider things.  What were my last goodbyes like?  How can I make this goodbye great for this friend?  The friends that I truly treasure; do we ever say goodbye?

On a great note, these friends love good food and I love foodies.  Having friends that are up to trying adventurous foods or the new place in town is truly priceless!  I need more foodie friends.

So long and farewell, Lauren and Loui.  I will truly miss you.  This posting is dedicated to you (I also had too much going on this weekend to cook my own meal or mix up a drink but why not dedicate it 🙂 ).

An Old Fashioned.  The cocktail menu is pretty rad, but I wanted to start with something classic.  The outdoor seating is amazing, just like your on a friends back patio.  Should we just hang out on our patio?  I don’t know about yours, but mine is not THAT cool.