I love to eat and cook Asian food.  My roommate is Taiwanese and we always joke that I am half Asian.  My descent is Irish and my hair is dirty blonde, but my palate lends towards southeast Asian and Mediteranian food.  I have come to love Vietnamese grilled pork with Vermicelli noodles.  The combination of green onions, cilantro and lemongrass with soy sauce and honey is one that I can’t pass up.

Since I’ve been cooking with a lot of herbs, I’ve trained my nose to guide me in selecting ingredients and cooking but my nose isn’t well trained yet.  I used this recipe for Vietnamese grilled pork and substituted lemon basil for the lemongrass.  I bought the lemon basil at a farmer’s market and it smelled so good that I had to cook with it.  My biggest mistake was that I used frozen shrimp when I am not accustomed to cooking shrimp.  Another mistake or misfortune is that the basil started to dry up by time I used it.

I added fried carrots to the noodles which unfortunately turned out to be the best part.  I think I need to cook the Vietnamese grilled pork a few more times until I know the tastes well and then perhaps I will be able to venture out.