Recently I’ve been on a kick of eating soy ice cream instead of dairy ice cream.  I went to a talk at Whole Foods about digestive health and I was so convinced that I’m trying to make some big changes in my diet.  Though the changes are big, I am looking for small ways that I can implement them.  My friend and I go to the Yard House every Friday for happy hour and they serve a chocolate stout vanilla ice cream float that we’ve been very tempted to try.  And so soy ice cream Guiness floats seemed like a perfect afternoon treat.

Honestly, I am not a Guinness drinker though I do love a chocolate/coffee stout for dessert.  My girlfriends and I used to frequent an Irish pub and a cold Guinness was our drink of choice.  There is just something about a cold Guinness at an Irish pub that can’t be beat, well except for drinking a Guinness in Ireland.

I loved the head that was created by the beer and the ice cream.  It is so beautiful and was a lot of fun to drink.  I kept thinking, “am I drinking beer or ice cream?”

I felt that the Guinness and the soy ice cream were not the best pairing, mostly due to the nuttiness of the soy.  The ice cream is very satisfying on it’s own, but doesn’t seem to complement the maltiness of the beer.  I think I will use a coffee stout next time and sprinkle some cocoa on top.

Though I have to say, this makes a beautiful dessert and will impress any company!