Every summer when Memorial day passes and the sun begins to shine, the days grow longer, and the nights turn cold I make goals that this summer will be different.  This summer I will attend more barbeques, see movies at the park, rise early on Saturdays for yard sale shopping, buy groceries at farmers markets, and go out for breakfast.  I would like to say that this summer I met my goals but every summer seems to whiz by with very few goals met.

Well, today I was successful in enjoying the sunny California weather.  My friend and I rose early and ate breakfast at this splendid diner, Starling Diner located in a residential district.  Even though it is tucked away on it’s own, it is packed every weekend.  The food and atmosphere is amazing, but because it is so small it is the kind of diner that you rise early for.

After breakfast I went yard sale shopping in my neighborhood and our nicer neighborhoods near the marina.  To me, the excitement of yard sale shopping is setting out on an adventure.  I don’t read the newspapers, but just set out into a neighborhood with a route back to home and see what I discover.  Since summer is moving time, most people will practically give their things away.  Today I bought the oddest assortment of items all for under 10 dollars.

I have a confession to make:  I am an impulsive shopper at yard sales.  With items being so reasonable and the cashier saying that you can have things (this did happen to me today), it’s so difficult to only buy items that you need.  And yes, I will sometimes buy baby clothes.  It is great to have gifts for friends expecting or when my next nephew or niece is born.  Overall, I am excited about what I got. Some great treasures!

What are your summer loves?