In April I started tomato seedlings at my kitchen window and watched them grow from less than an inch tall to about 12 inches tall before I transplanted them outdoors.  This is my second season starting seed indoors and if I’ve learned one thing it is buy plants at a greenhouse!.  Don’t get me wrong, it is rewarding caring for the seedlings and watching the transformation but it is SO much work. I wonder if you really save money with all the watering, potting soil, and planters.

The most rewarding part about starting seed indoors is what you learn in the process.  Every plant’s success or failure is in its roots and you learn how to care for the roots every time you transplant to a bigger pot and see the root system transform.  Last week I transplanted the potted tomatoes into a bigger pot and the 18 in (appx) tomato had a massive root system.

What I’ve learned in the process: It’s what is going on beneath the surface that counts!  Just as with plants most people have a deeper, much fuller side to them that will come out in time if you wait for it.  Looking beneath the surface is difficult and requires trust, therefore we often tend to only care for the immediate concerns.  Have a car. Will work.  Perhaps we will learn more if we watch and listen.

My tomatoes have completely overtaken the small amount of space in the backyard.  I am so excited for home grown tomatoes that I can already smell them! 🙂

What has gardening taught you?