Today I cooked and blogged at the house of my immensely talented and creative friend, the author of All Things Created…including me while she and a fellow blogger Lauren transformed already amazing old windows into chalk/cork boards.  While I can get the creative juice bug, I usually like to stick to being creative in the kitchen.

Since summer is well on it’s way and barbeque aromas are in the air, I wanted to make Fried Green Tomatoes from my ever growing but hardly ripening heirloom tomatoes plant.  Since I don’t have the patience to wait for the tomatoes to ripen and they’ve already grown much larger than I expected, I discovered the delight of cooking Fried Green Tomatoes!

The tomatoes hardly have any juice and are very firm.  They never cease to amaze me.  I always think, “is this really a tomato?”

Tomatoes seem very acidic and can cause many people heartburn, but it doesn’t seem so with green tomatoes.  They remind me of fried eggplant; a vegetable that when battered and fried makes a great main course.  Dip the sliced tomatoes into a mixture of flour, salt, and pepper to batter and fry in grape seed oil over high heat.

So I hauled my tomatoes, camera, props, and black boards two blocks from my house and set out to cook and photograph in someone else’s space.  Anytime you’re used to your kitchen it makes it a bit challenging, but the community was a welcome change and we enjoyed Fried Green Tomatoes and beer on her fronts steps; the only space where we could sit. 🙂

They taste great dipped in dijon mustard, ranch dressing, or barbeque sauce.  I think next time I will make homemade ranch dressing!