I really like to bake, but baking is always more enjoyable when you share it with someone. My friends and neighbors are more than delighted to be my guinea pigs as I try new recipes and play with unique ingredients, so I made these sour cherry and stem ginger florentines for my neighbor who is like a mom to the girls in my house.

My experience with baking has generally been that if you follow the recipe and use the correct measurements, it will be fool proof every time.  Well, that was my experience before I began to bake desserts that require melting butter on the stove.  I love recipes like this one that call for very little flour but since I don’t understand the chemistry of baking, things often don’t turn out as I had planned.

These cookies are soft, chewy and delicate with the dark chocolate being a perfect match for the crystallized ginger and sour cherries.  They are so rich that they would be a great dessert for a british tea party.

Check out this recipe from BBC and let me know how your florentines turn out.