I was so excited to see the pea emerge that I cleared the soil away. Don't tell anyone!

Last Tuesday I planted sprouted peas (organic sugar snap peas, yum!) in ceramic pots and on Sunday the stems emerged from the soil.  In just four days they’ve grown to two inches tall and have leaves.  I am already picturing my first peas, but I have 64 more days to go. Bummer!

I am so amazed looking at these peas, as if I’m a proud mother watching my child walk for the first time!  I planted peas last year in both a pot and in the garden.  The peas seemed to thrive at first but quickly deteriorated due to lack of water and over watering.  (I will share more about my gardening failures in the future.  For now success!).

2 days old

I was afraid to plant peas again because they want slightly acidic to slightly alkaline soil, and frankly any reference to chemistry scares me.  Peas need coolness and humidity, and although I live four blocks from the beam I’m afraid that the days in June may become too warm.  Oh, I forgot about June gloom.  Let’s hope for the best.

Preparing sprouted peas:

Wrap peas in a wet paper towel, place in a plastic zipper bag and store in a window seal.  The peas should sprout in 3-5 days.

2 days old

3 days old

4 days old

4 days old. Two peas in a pod.