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On Monday night I was craving a Midnight snack at 9:30 (some might call this dessert) and with no ice cream, cookies, or left over Easter candy in the fridge, I decided to make popcorn balls inspired by cozywalls.  My roommate and I made popcorn ball fluffy nests for Easter and I loved the suggestion to scorch the butter until golden brown.

I didn’t have mini marshmallows and since it was late I opted to melt the marshmallows whole.  As it turned out, since marshmallows don’t melt quickly, the sugar not only browned but turned my popcorn balls into caramel popcorn balls.  It tasted just like the caramel popcorn from the tins at Christmas except much lighter.

I drizzled chocolate Almond Bark on top with a spoon.  Melt half a bag of Almond Bark in a microwavable bowl for 30 seconds, then stir and repeat.  The chocolate is ready when no clumps remain.  Be careful not to overheat, though if it starts to dry out just add 1/4 tsp of oil.  Sprinkle sugar confetti, chocolate pearls, or nuts on top before the chocolate cools.

The chocolate will harden at room temperature, but you can also cover the popcorn balls with saran wrap and freeze overnight.  My second batch of caramel was very sticky and tough, but after freezing overnight it hardened like toffee.  (Oh, toffee!)

What is your late night craving?