It all started on my birthday, sixth months ago.  My friend gave me a gift card to a local sushi restaurant, Sushi Saurus.  I like sushi but since I figured the card wouldn’t cover the entire meal, I put off going.  Finally last week my roommate and I went and had a great meal at the bar.  The waiter brought out the ginger and wasabi along with an assortment of Korean style pickled veggies and fish.  We jumped in and filled up long before the appetizer arrived.  Our favorite was a sweet and spicy pickled jalapeno.  We got to talking with the sushi chef and left with the recipe.

Pickled Jalapenos and Radish at the sushi restaurant

1 lb of Sliced Jalapenos


Pickled Jalapenos in a Jar

Pickled Jalapenos, Seaweed Salad, and Fish Cake